Terms and Conditions - Perfume Lab Versions

Terms and Conditions


*Brand Names / Product Designs / Logos displayed here are for reference purposes only. They are registered trademarks / copyrighted properties of respective companies and/or individuals.

We at Perfume Lab admire phenomenal artistic creations by celebrated Perfumers, with due respect and praise we study their creative expression through scents and reinvent similar aromatic composition for Perfume lovers.

All Fragrances/related products at PerfumeLab.in are made using compositions formulated through research, creative analysis, and experimentation. Display of reference names/images are purely for the purpose of honouring the creativity of the original nose who may have invented the scent and giving them due credit.

Any artist/brand/company who may be concerned about our display of their property for reference may please let us know and we shall necessarily oblige. Email: perfumelab.in@gmail.com